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We strongly believe that the more people you have in one place, the easier it is for knowledge to be spread and shared. Collaboration is the catalyst for digital transformation. This is one of our most important motivations to create a sustainable community through Digitaljob.


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How Digitaljob works

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    1. Create your profile

    Sign up and complete your public profile. Add relevant information about your career history and education.

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    2. Add skills and tools

    Promote your skill levels. Keep in mind the skills should be popular and stated correctly. Don't forget to add the tools you use, as well.

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    3. Get matched jobs

    After you've completed the first 2 steps, you'll receive only relevant jobs that match your profile.

  • feature

    New job format

    More accurate, infographic and suggestive, friendlier and clearer. Built especially for the digital industry, aiming for programmers, designers and marketers.

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    Act intelligent

    Showcase your working experience through your real skills and the tools you use for a well targeted job match. You'll only see the most relevant jobs for your profile.

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    Matching System

    Due to our Matching System algorithm, we not only ensure we provide you with relevant search results, but we also help you improve your chances of getting a particular job.

The bottom line is your digital ability.
Put it to good use!

Dare to dream about the technology we could come up with, about the world we could build together.
Because together is better. Join the digital JOBalization!

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