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How Digitaljob works

Our digital recruiting architecture is focused on three core attributes: Relevance, Efficiency and Networking. We believe these strategic assets can improve talent discovery, make the selection process easier and help you stand out on the global market as a top employer.

  • Digitaljob enables the users to create an insightful Digital Profile  with specific info: Experience, Skills, ToolsEducation, and more. Each user receives a  Level  and can easily connect with other users from the same company or with common skills.

  • Digitaljob is designed to integrate various types of operational needs. Digital Users are able to easily create Teams with specific skills and projects. They can now apply for a job as a Team or work directly with a specific company.

  • Recruiting needs vary from one brand to another, so Digital Companies  have the possibility to publish Two Job Types: for Single Candidates and for Teams. Every job post offers relevant details about soft and hard skills and benefits from an advanced Matching System algorithm.

  • Recruiting is brand power. As a result, the Company Profile is designed for both marketing and networking purposes. Companies can now benefit from useful branding tools: Custom Branding Page Reviews, RecommendationsFollowers  and more.


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