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  • company branding

    Leverage Employer Branding

    Highlight your corporate DNA and get the most out of your company profile.

  • analytics

    Monitor Your Profile Activity

    Optimize your recruiting strategy and processes with insightful analytics.

  • company opportunities

    Promote Career Opportunities

    Attract more digital candidates with branded job posts.

  • candidate matching system

    Get Your Ideal Match

    Secure only relevant candidates with our predictive matching system.

  • company networking

    Build Valuable Relationships

    Generate more leads and visibility by engaging your digital audience.

Are you looking for Digital Specialists?

You’re in the right place! We’re here to provide you unrivaled digital talent faster and smarter than ever.

  • developer

    Round-The-Clock Developers

    Relentless puzzle-solvers who create the future and speak all digital languages, such as: JavaScript, SQL, Java, C#, PHP, Python, C++ etc.

  • designer

    Perception-Driven Designers

    Amazing creatives who make every pixel count and dazzle with their mastery in: Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3ds Max/ Maya, Zbrush etc.

  • marketer

    Business-Savvy Marketers

    Bold strategists who get the most out of market trends using: Hotjar, Compete, Experian, Mailchimp, Google AdWords/ Analytics/ Trends etc.

  • manager

    Hands-On Managers

    Vigilant professionals who oversee demanding digital projects often use: Microsoft Project, JIRA, Salesforce, Basecamp, Asana, Smartsheet etc.

  • *Others
    Multidisciplinary digital talent for your every business need.

Why digital people love us?

We know that great talent comes
with high standards, so we
continuously optimize
the career tools we offer.

  • skills

    Intuitive Structure
    Skills, Tools, Experience.

  • cms

    Matching System
    Only jobs matching their career level.

  • infographic cv

    Infographic CV
    Infographic Resume export feature.

  • teams

    Digital Teams
    Users can create teams and access exciting projects.

  • reviews

    Company Reviews
    Reliable Ratings, Recommendations.

When posting a job you also benefit from free Employer Account features.

Digital Innovation

We channel our passion for technology in creating the future and leading the digital movement.
new dj

The New Digital Job

Inspired by digital creators across the globe, the new digital job format is more accurate and more intuitive than ever. With our infographic look and agile Matching System Algorithm that shows only relevant jobs or candidates, it is extremely appealing to highly skilled programmers, designers, marketers and other digital specialists.

  • Matching System
  • Digital
  • New Job Format

Candidate Matching System

Time is the most valuable asset in the digital era. We thrive by promoting a culture of relevance which saves critical resources and improves performance. Our unique Matching System was custom built for the digital world, the fastest industry on Earth.

By combining Digital Skills, Tools and Professional Experience we generate a competence Level for every logged user, connecting the best possible candidates to companies with matching business needs.

  • Matching System
  • Digital
  • Accurate
  • Relevant

Our Digital Network

We believe that leadership stems from collaboration. We take great pride in our game-changing partners, as their digital communities and ambition help us grow and change the digital world.


Company Brand Page

More and more global companies acknowledge the power of Employer Branding and see it as a strategic investment for increased brand reputation, business growth and continuity. As a brand platform, we like to really listen and react to the business dynamics, therefore our Employee Accounts are designed with two important functions in mind: HR performance and interactive branding.

Start your digital talent search! We will cultivate your brand power and accelerate your recruiting success every step of the way.

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  • verified

    Verified Company

    We believe in authenticity and quality as business standards. We protect the identity and the interests of our clients, as a result Company Pages can be validated by the rightful owners.

  • score

    Digitaljob Score

    We are dedicated to building brand trust, so we designed a reliable scoring system which helps brands highlight their employer reputation capital.

  • reviews

    Company Reviews

    Transparency is the best strategy in recruiting. Users can write company reviews, increasing the brand’s credibility and awareness. Review content is filtered and can be reported.

  • employees

    Company Employees

    The people you hire empower your brand by building a strong and lasting community. Companies can showcase their great teams and boost their employer branding.

  • followers

    Company Followers

    Branding and recruiting are ongoing processes which require continuous engagement. Users can follow their favorite companies and stay up to date with job opportunities or corporate changes.

  • analytics

    Strategic Analytics

    Companies can monitor their recruiting progress as well as the candidates’ application patterns. These insightful analytics will positively impact the hiring strategy.

Our Digital Heroes

The best digital stories are told by successful companies.

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