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Inflight Digital Service Manager

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9 months ago

British Airways


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Digital Service will transform the customer experience on-board our flights. Digital services will drastically transform our customer experience on board by connecting our customers to services and entertainment they love, while enabling on board revenue generation and driving cost efficiencies. It will empower both cabin crew and customers, resulting in high customer satisfaction and improved loyalty.

BA aims to be at the forefront of this industry transformation. This role, focusing on connectivity, entertainment retail, and service, will play a key role in bringing that connected vision to life.

Other Requirements

You’ll monitor the product lifecycle, while keeping our cabin crew fully trained in the latest technology. And you’ll also explore every outlet from our website to mobile apps, experimenting with how we can reach our customers effectively. Plus, with Wi-Fi, you’ll see how we can exploit new opportunities in the most profitable manner. Essentially, you’re responsible for leading in the new in-flight digital retail buy on board proposition.


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