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Senior Media Buyer Display

AdaptiveBee creates web products for mobile and desktop users. We work together to build amazing structures and create a personalized user experience for each individual. At AdaptiveBee, we believe the web should adapt to users, not the other way around. 

Like the good worker bees we are, we spend a lot of time in hexagons (France = l'Hexagone)! 


What to expect?

A Senior Media Buyer Specialist at adaptivebee is essentially handling 3 main tasks:

  • First job is to seek out new traffic sources. Where to buy traffic from, what are the media channels to buy from. You become a strategist, and a planner on those places.
  • Second job is to follow up on these traffic sources and negotiate. Once you find out where you want to buy, relentlessly find a representative there and become friends with him or her. Then get a pricing that works for our client.
  • Third job is to manage the account. If the ROI isn't working out, you'll need to renegotiate with the representative to figure out a win-win. If the traffic source needs some new advertising creatives, you'll have to get the new creatives from the in-house copywriters and send it their way.


What skills should you have?
The ideal candidate will have:

  • Proven working experience in digital marketing (at least 5 years)
  • Demonstrable experience leading and managing display advertising campaigns across Google, social media
  • Experience in working with Affiliation Platforms, Demand Side Platforms, AdServers, AdExchanges
  • Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments
  • Working knowledge of ad serving tools
  • Advanced Excel Skills - pivot tables
  • Strong organizational and time-management abilities
  • Managements skills
  • Creativity and commercial awareness
  • Great English speaking skills
  • Good negotiating skills and mindset of a true media buyer

The ideal candidate will be:

  • In love with metrics such as CTR, CVR, eCPM, dCPM, ROI, ROAS, DAU and split tests
  • Organized because you need to keep track of multiple campaigns and relationships;
  • Not afraid of asking questions;
  • Motivated learner;
  • Great thinker, and able to think his or her way out of a problem

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