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Music Technology Research Engineer – Creative computing

We are looking for a talented and creative Research Engineer that masters both digital signal processing and music composition. The candidate is to be part of a 1-year multidisciplinary research project that involves smart wearables and machine learning and must finalize with a shippable product.

Responsibilities include self-directed research to identify and develop technologies for automated music generation.

Qualified applicants should have expert knowledge in the design and development of signal analysis and processing algorithms; a passion for music and audio technology; and enthusiasm for and awareness of technological advances in DSP and related disciplines.

The ideal candidate would have prior experience with techniques drawn from machine learning and be familiar with trends in audio software.


• In-depth knowledge of MIDI, audio and signal processing
• Understanding of a variety of musical genres and production styles
• Knowledge of artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques in audio analysis and processing
• Experience with real time audio synthesis environment,  hardware control  tools,   Max/MSP, PureData, OSC Libraries
• Deep level understanding of elecronic music and composition
• Proficiency in music theory and music composition
• Ability to model musical theories for integration in algorithmic music generation
• Experience with feature extraction (key, time signature, beat, etc), and re-synthesis (beat-matching, thumbnailing, time-stretching, etc.)
• Algorithm development using C/C++ / Java / Python


Master’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Ph.D. desired.

We offer

- time flexibility
- sponsorship to attend relevant worldwide conferences

If you don’t meet one of the above, we still invite you to apply.
Thank you for applying! 

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