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Designer / Intern Designer

We are looking for a Designer with practical experience; there is no previous work experience required.


  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Sense of space, color and image.
  • Stable knowledge in Photoshop / Illustrator.
  • Enthusiasm towards the domain of activity.
  • Knowledge of converting PSD to HTML is considered a plus.


  • Creation of graphical concepts: logo, fan art, brochures, webpages
  • Participation at the strategy and development meetings of each project.

  • Possibility to enter the work market alongside passionate persons.
  • Informal work atmosphere.
  • Possibility to work from home in some cases or circumstances.
  • Even though it is an internship, it is a paid internship.

Company Description:

We are a fresh company on the market with work experience. The company was born from the desire to bring an increased quality to clients and to offer suitable services for other companies and also for NGOs/individual persons. Our main activity is building and/or promoting of the client's images in the digital and the physical space.

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