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3D Artist Junior / Mid level


Medify aims to improve communication standards in the medical sector by generating insight through visualization. We focus on visual engagement solutions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical devices markets. We deliver in all kind of computer generated imagery (CGI) solutions, from high resolution stills and animations up to augmented reality and interactive experience solutions. We are a subsidiary of the international company INDG (located in Amsterdam, Bucharest and New York)


Due to the combination of our in-house developed ‘Medical Experience framework’, 3D visualization expertise and your participation, we are able to bring patient understanding to the next level. With the framework’s flexibility and toolset we are able to easily create specific interactive ‘experiences’ by changing the content (textual and audio-visual information).

The Medical Experience:
• Improves the standard in patient communication
• Gives insight at almost any intellectual level
• Support patients upfront, during and after patient counselling
• Patients can review and recall information at home
• Patient can share information with relatives

Medical Experience set-ups are developed with patients and HCPs, generates unique link per patient for communication with the hospital, can be presented in different languages and is easy accessible as it works on all devices and browsers (HTML).

Currently we help hospitals with explorative and step-wise applications, to inform patients upfront, during and after counselling about conditions and procedures. In practice use of step-wise procedural applications resulted in:
1. Improved patient understanding
2. 50% up to 80% counselling time reduction

Each specific procedural experience is a patient journey to experience a treatment upfront.

Please check out our digital patient counselling experiences and the way it is used in hospitals on:


The Medical Experience is seen as a successfully implemented e-health solution. We won several awards and do research continuously to improve digital counselling solutions for patients. Despite these successes we have to fight every day. Actually we just made our first steps…. It would be great if you can participate!

THE VACANCY: 3D Artist Junior/Mid level

As a 3d artist you are in charge of creating the 3d content of our applications. These are animations and visuals based on a storyboard that you will receive and you have to follow as a guideline. Also, most of the time you will receive all the needed models, the main focus is doing the camera animations, object animations, lightning, materials, rendering and compositing and in the end delivering the whole visual content to be placed in our framework.

What we need you to know:

Cinema4d proficiency (animation and rendering)
Adobe suite (mostly After Effects and Photoshop) mid level

If you are interested, please apply with a portfolio link or wetransfer link and bring us yourself, your knowledge and ideas.

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