Confidentiality Policy

Digitaljob, (further referred to as “Digitaljob”) is created and administered by S.C. 2 Fresh Design S.R.L

The safety of the information you provide and its privacy are the objectives of our efforts and we strive to provide you with a satisfactory experience while using the website.

Data collection

Your accessing of represents your full consent in order to have your personal data stored and used under the conditions provided by Romanian law no. 677/2011 and you expressly agree that the Romanian legislation is applicable to the entire contractual relationship between you and the owner of

Digitaljob collects general information only, which could help in improving the website and therefore your future experience with the website, such as IP address type, used browser, accessed pages and other types of information related to traffic. This type of information can be used to generate collective reports, but guarantee your privacy through the lack of association with specific persons.

Digitaljob will not be held accountable for the content and confidentiality policy of the linked websites found on the website.

Use of personal information

Except for the situations specified by the Terms and conditions regarding the use of the website or for the special circumstances, such as legal trials, Digitaljob uses the personal information provided by its users solely for contacting them in situations related to the use of the website which are of their concern, such as website changes or notifications related to the services purchased or the published job, and which are directly related to the users.

The information provided without the explicit authorization of the user will not be made public or provided to any third party.

Public area posting

Digitaljob contains areas for public access, such as the blog section, where the information published by the users become public and can be collected and used by other persons we do not have any control over and, as a consequence, we do not assume any responsibility for such situations.


It is advised that Digitaljob be accessed by persons over 16 years old. The data collection from persons of a younger age is not done deliberately, but automatically.

Online application

The users intending to apply for a job posted on Digitaljob agree with the fact that the information provided through the form available on the website, including the personal resume, will be sent directly to the company who posted the job and will be stored on our servers for a later use exclusively by the company which posted that job.


Even if we use technical solutions to protect the personal information provided by our users from any kind of theft and loss, we still cannot provide a guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not steal and use this private information for inappropriate/improper purposes.


The website uses cookies to identify the users. These do not retain any kind of personal data from the user and do not represent a risk in case they are intercepted by third parties. If the browser is configured not to accept them, certain pages may not function.

Cookies Policy

TThe cookies consist out of data that is being transferred to the hard-disk of a person for the purpose of storing them. The cookies are an industrial standard and are used by most websites, including Digitaljob, facilitating the permanent access of a user to a website. This technology allows us to adapt the website to your needs. If you do not agree with information collection through cookies, there are many browsers which have a simple procedure for rejecting or accepting the cookies characteristics/functions. But we kindly ask you to keep in mind that cookies may be required to provide you with certain facilites of our online services.

How to avoid cookies?

You can avoid cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Also you can delete existing cookies. We advise you to read the “Help” section of your browser in order to find out more about cookies, including how to see their settings and the way to manage and delete them.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to retain your options regarding:

  1. Logging in on Digitaljob

  2. Browser and plug-in settings

  3. Information storage on the user of our website in order to improve the services we provide

  4. Traffic monitoring with Google cookies.

How long are our cookies active?

Our cookies are installed for a period between 3 months and 2 years; of course they can be deleted earlier.

Changes of our Confidentiality Policy

If you have any queries regarding our Confidentiality Policy please contact us at contact[at]digitaljob[dot]org. Any changes to our Confidentiality Policy will be published here in order for you to be informed at any time abut the information we collect, if it will be shared with third parties and the way we intend to use it.

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