Digital jobs

We are an independent creative studio who is providing creative products for local and international markets for more than 11 years.

We are looking for ANIMATOR who.:

* can adapt to a common sense working environment

* can create and generate ideas of his own and not wait for others to provide

* can enjoy a non-corporate working environment

* has good skills in motion graphics, video production & post production, 3D

* +5 years experience in the field

* is looking for a safe job and have place for other projects of his own

* is experienced with Aftereffects, Adobe Premiere, 3DSMax

* can deliver a portfolio or show reel that demonstrates your seniority and relevant experience

Areas of work include:
 motion graphics animation TVC
 animated infographics
 graphic packages for TV or international events
 animated learning tools
 object design &; rendering
 architectural renderings'
 logo animation
 visual effects

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