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2D Animation Artist

Skill Requirements:
- Previous experience with 2D/3D Software (i.e. Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Animate CC, Maya, Blender)
- Understanding of 2D animation techniques
- 2D Character design experience
- Fluent speaking and writing in English
- Ability to rig characters
- Animation reel / portfolio

Job Description:
- Design 2D characters
- Rig and animate 2D characters with proprietary software
- Write tutorials about 2D animation techniques
- Collaborate well with others on the team
- Work from home

MarionetteStudio is a creative startup that aims to automate the 2D animation process so that users, even with little to no animation skills, can obtain a professional looking animation in minutes. We provide users with an online animation software that runs directly in the browser and lets users export in various formats.

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